Terms and Conditions

Jens Happy Hounds is licensed by the local authority to home board and provide day care for up to 4
dogs. To obtain this license our home has been inspected by a vet and confirmed as suitable to accommodate dogs. We also hold the relevant insurance, including employers and public liability to enable us to commission our service.

Jen also has completed a canine first aid course and we carry an animal First Aid kit as standard when we
are out and about with our dogs. This is not intended to replace veterinary care but merely to allow us toreduce further risk / injury in the event your dog is injured while in our care. The safety and well being of your dog(s) is paramount to us and therefore due to previous experience of owners equipment failure we now supply our own equipment which is of good branded quality, and is regularly inspected and maintained by us to ensure reliability. It is a condition of providing our service that owners consent to us using our own equipment on their dog(s) while they are in our care i.e. collars, leads, etc.

It is a legal requirement of owners to ensure their dog(s) wears an ID tag, what details this must contain are listed on the You Gov website. While we provide a Jen’s Happy Hounds ID tag this must be seen as in addition to the dogs’ own tag and not relied upon. In the event your dog(s) do not have sufficiently good recall and are considered to be a flight risk or a risk (accidental or not) to other people, and / or pull on leash then we reserve the right to use a Halti head collar to maintain control of your dog(s) and prevent injury or harm to ourselves and others. For those dogs that are to be home boarded by us we will require a meet and greet of you and your dog(s). If this is successful we will proceed to offer your dog day care. Prior to any dog(s) coming in for home boarding we require a single overnight stay in order that we can see if your dog(s) are suitable for home boarding. Please be aware we do not provide any services for dogs over 6 months of age that have not been neutered.

On the following profile form customers are required to give the name and number of an emergency contact who will be able to take care of their dog(s) in the event of an emergency ( this includes where a dog(s) behaviour is unmanageable by us) . In the event you are not able to supply details of an emergency contact person then by signing this form you agree for Jen’s Happy Hounds to remove your dog(s) to any licensed dog boarding kennels that will accept your dog(s). The cost of this will be payable by you, direct to the kennels. Jen’s Happy Hounds will not act as financial guarantor. In the event there is no one willing to accept responsibility for your dog(s) then we will contact the local authority Dog Warden.

Veterinary Fees are payable by owners and are not the responsibility of Jen’s Happy Hounds, unless we have been found to be negligent or at fault for the injury to your dog(s) then you will be given all details to make claim against our Insurance. By signing this agreement you are giving consent for your vet to deal direct with you on all matters relating to their fees for treatment of your dog(s). Customers are advised that it is their responsibility to ensure their dog(s) are vaccinated, flea and worm treated regularly in accordance with their vets guidance. In the event you wish to make a complaint then please do so within 24 hours of the reason for the complaint arising. Complaints should be made direct to Jenny Miller by telephone on 07922171046 or email to Jenshappyhounds@gmail.com Payment for Services: In respect of Home Boarding, Jen’s Happy Hounds require a 50% deposit at the time of booking which is refundable if cancellation, with a minimum of 14 days notice is given. Any cancellation of Home Boarding without 14 days notice being given will result in your deposit being forfeited. *In exceptional circumstances this may be waived. Please note your booking is not confirmed until the deposit is paid. The balance of payment must be made prior to the commencement of boarding. We are no longer able to accept dogs into boarding where the full balance of fees has not been paid in advance.